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Welcome to the Liquor world of Bardstown a way to the bourbon.Liquor world of Bardstown is well known for the extensive variety of bourbon. You will discover 160+ brands and 265+ varieties (including different types and flavors) of bourbon in our store. The store conveys best distillery bourbon and very rare bourbon, which cannot be easy to find. Additionally, we carry a good variety of wine and high rating beer. If you are really fan of a bourbon you should visit our store, you will feel satisfied with our excellent collection.


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Liquor World of bardstown establsihed in 2008. We are located in Bardstown,Kentucky. Our main motto is to full fill the customer requirements with our good collection of bourbon.We are trying our best to carry most kind of bourbon and our team always try to keep up to date  bourbon variety. We hope you will feel satisfied with our collection.



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Now you can request any liquor, wine or beer as per your requirement. If you are looking for any item that you can’t find in our store, you can request that item here. All you have to do is just fill this form with your details and explain your requirement like what kind of whiskey, wine or beer you are looking for (including the origin of the product, product type etc.)  Our research team will work for you to find out product details and contact you.

If you are arranging a party, then we are here to help you by providing your all party spirits. Our staff will help you, to find a stock availability and good price to make your party better. We also provide kegs of beer as per availability.


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Products From


Jim beam  -  Buffalo trace  -  Maker's mark  - Willet  - Limestone  - Woodford

Wildturkey - Heavenhill  - Town branch  - Angel's envy  - Jeptha creed  - Barton

Three floyd  - Dogfish  - Bells  - Founders  - Lagunitas  - Greatlakes


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